2017-12-23 14:47:14 by Ewelupp

Finally managed to scrape enough cash together to animate episode 4!

Whining force gone for good?

2017-09-11 15:17:10 by Ewelupp

So, it;s been a long tough battle but I'm not sure I have the funding, time or energy to keep trying to make the show after everything we've been through, it's tough to keep going. We've made no revenue, barely have any fans of the show and no animators. The toughest part is that we literally can't get any animators, no one wants to work on it. Even after raising the price, not a single response. So, unless I someone can talk me out of it, bye bye hard work... 


2017-08-30 02:46:51 by Ewelupp

No worries, just lost my editor due to me being a jackass. We could really use an animator so if you're interested and like the series, even a little, and want to see it continue call 555-555-55555555557. Or just respond to this post. Seriously we need an animator.

Hey guys, so Whining Force has been slowing down major, and part of that us due to the current animator being caught up in some personal things, which I'm not angry for, but it has gummed the tires, so I might be looking for a new animator here soon in hopes to expedite the process. Thanks for hanging on!